Five of the dirtiest things you touch everyday

Five of the dirtiest things you touch everyday

During the course of our daily activities we touch a lot of things. You’ll be surprised that many of those things are very dirty stuff, and I’m not talking about the toilet. There are a lot of dirty things that you touch. Below are some of the dirtiest you touch every single day – you’ll be surprised by what they are:


Money changes hands countless times and because of the combined factors of just the sheer number of hands that handle it and some dubious people who may have not heard of personal hygiene or work in jobs that Mike Rowe will want to document, money is probably the dirtiest thing we touch every day.

One doctor checked one bill and found 135,000 bacteria. So if you’re working in a place where one of the tasks involved is to hold lots of money make sure that you always wash your hands and have a hand sanitizer within easy reach.

Computer keyboard

If you’re reading this then you’re definitely touching one of the dirtiest things in your house or office right now. A computer keyboard is a virtual petri dish for germs. In 2019, a consumer group based in England did a random test of 33 keyboards and from this group four were identified as health hazards!

Now, these keyboards may probably have been owned by some slob in some college dorm room but the fact remains that computer keyboards are one of the dirtiest things you touch everyday.

Cell Phone

Cell phones are technological marvels that have also become a must-have gadget for those who want to be part of the in crowd. But you’ll probably keep your fancy, latest model cell phone hidden inside your bag if you can just see how dirty cell phones are.

The heat generated by cell phones coupled with germs that get to the phone through the air and through your hands make it the perfect environment for these germs to multiply and grow.

Toilet Seat

The most obvious item on this list is the toilet seat. The porcelain throne is home to a lot of bacteria, viruses and could be a cauldron for various diseases. But if you think that the toilet bowl is the only thing that’s dirty, the toilet seat is equally dirty as well. So do take care especially when using the toilet in a public restroom.

Kitchen sponge

That sponge you use to clean your plates and glasses is actually a hotbed for germs and bacteria. The small spaces in the sponge are the perfect breeding ground for germs to grow. Yes, instead of cleaning dishes, you’re just wiping it with more bacteria and germs.

The simple solution is to put your sponge in the microwave and zap it for about 60 seconds. It will disinfect the sponge.