Keep safe when out jogging alone

Keep safe when out jogging alone

Jogging or walking is a great physical activity and wonderful way of improving your cardiovascular system. It is also a very cheap way of staying fit. But even though jogging or walking is a very enjoyable activity, there is also an element of danger in doing so when you have to jog or walk on shared roads instead of designated jogging paths. There are many areas that do not have jogging paths so joggers are oftentimes forced to just jog on the road and share it with vehicles.

Jogging on shared roads is not very safe but you can do some things to make it safer for you wherever you are out jogging alone

Make sure you know the roads

Before heading out to jog take some time to study the roads first. Find a map (or use Google Maps) and look at the roads, making sure to take note of intersections and main roads. As an added step you can drive through the path you want to take and find out the concentration of vehicles and where there is more vehicular activity. This is especially important if you plan to jog or walk at night.

Wear proper clothes

When walking or jogging on shared roads, the usual jogging attire is not adequate. Wear clothes that will increase your safety. Reflective clothing will help drivers spot you especially at night. Just one reflective gear will already be a big help. Athletic wear companies produce a lot of clothes that have reflective strips built into it. Even shoes have reflective strips built into it, which is also a big help in allowing you to be spotted by motorists.

Take a flashlight with you

This is an important equipment to have when you’re jogging or walking at night. The flashlight will not only light up your path (so you can avoid potholes or other obstacles) and also show your presence to motorists. To make things easier for you, buy a small LED torch that attaches to your head so you can leave your hands free.

Take safety precautions

Jogging or walking at night exposes you to many kinds of danger. Prepare for it by arming yourself with the right equipment. If you can get your hands on one bring a pepper spray with you to help deter any attackers. Be sure that the one you’re carrying is still working. You should also carry a whistle with you so you can alert people around you if you feel threatened. Always remember that you shouldn’t just talk to strangers. You might think that it’s advice that’s only fit for children but this precaution is equally effective for adults.

Carry a phone and money

In the event that you may need help while you’re jogging, carry a phone with you so you can call a relative or friend. Bringing some money is also going to help in case you need to pay for something or you need to rush home and have to take a cab. There are specially designed bags for joggers that fit things perfectly within without producing a large, conspicuous bulge.